In 1946, when the dealership opened it was known as Boyle and Fox. Shown below is Budge Boyle on the left and Cort Fox on the right. The actor Frank Morgan is in the center joking with the dealership owners. Boyle and Fox would be in business together for close to 10 years. By 1956, the Boyle name was being phased out of the business. The dealership was known as Cort Fox Ford through out most of 1956 and from that point on. The detailed information of why the departure of Budge Boyle is not known to me.

Shown at right is a service reminder postcard sent out to Boyle and Fox customers. Notice the humor in the drawing. Grease Monkeys are working on the vehicles and both Boyle and Fox are characters themselves. Naturally Cort Fox would be the Fox.
Shown below is another photo of Frank Morgan joking with the dealership owners. Cort Fox, (center) and Budge Boyle. (right) This is a great photo capturing one of the many celebrities who purchased their cars at the dealership.
This photo dated January 22, 1955 shows Cort Fox behind the wheel of this new 1955 Thunderbird. The two female passengers are actress Jean Moorhead and Roberta Card. The gentleman on the far right is believe to be a Boyle and Fox employee.

The photo shown at right was taken on the showroom floor at Cort Fox Ford in October of 1956. Cortland S. Fox (Cort) is pictured on the left in the Bow Tie.

The Boyle and Fox Ford dealership opened their doors for business on April 5, 1946. Their address was 4531 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.

In 1956, Cort Fox Ford was a large dealership that took up most of a city block. Shown at left, the border streets are Hollywood Boulevard, Lyman Place, Clayton Avenue and Hillhurst Avenue. Hollywood Blvd. and Hillhurst Avenue are busy streets which was good for business.
The dealership was sold around 1972 after being in business for 26 years. Cort Fox Ford was a very popular Ford dealership due to it’s location and unique use of the Fox in their advertising. The dealership was also very popular with movie stars. I visited this dealership in 1983, about 11 years after Cort Fox sold it. Cort Fox sold the dealership and it became Castle Ford. Castle Ford would be sold and the dealership became Hollywood Ford and Hyundai around 1994. The Hyundai would be dropped and the name was simply Hollywood Ford. Unfortunately, Hollywood Ford would not last and went out of business. The dealership building was demolished in 2019 to make room for Condos/Apartments.

Shown below is an out of scale map of “Cort Fox Boom Town”. Now that Cort Fox is the sole owner he really expanded the business. He had his own Body Shop, Leasing and Rental car department. The Service and Parts department were part of the main building which included the Showroom. There was a parking lot dedicated to the sale of Thunderbirds and Mustangs. This lot was referred to as “T-Bird and Mustang Headquarters”. This lot was located on Hollywood Boulevard and there was also a separate lot for Used Cars around the corner on Hillhurst.

There was also a Richfield Gas Station on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Hillhurst Avenue. The dealership was able to take advantage of the conveniently located gas station when any of their vehicles needed fuel. Note this Boom Town map and compare to the satellite image shown above.

These photos show the Used Car lot located on Hillhurst Avenue. On the Cort Fox Boom Town map, this lot is located on the far right. On my last visit to this area in 2015, this is a parking lot. The color photo shows what this lot looks like today. (Google Earth)
Here are photos of the Showroom, Service Bay and Used Car Shack.

At left is the Used Car lot office. This is the office that can be seen in the two movies. More on that on the media page.

This is also the site of the T -Bird and Mustang Headquarters lot in the 1960’s shown on the Boom Town Maps.