I was surprised there is a lack of information available on the internet about the Cort Fox Ford Dealership that was located in Hollywood, California. I decided to put together the information I have about the dealership. I have first hand accounts with the Fox family, a former employee, people who lived in the neighborhood and with people who purchased cars there. I hope you enjoy the information that I have accumulated.

I first should explain why I have such an interest in Cort Fox Ford. I purchased the 1956 Thunderbird shown below in July of 1980. This car was delivered to Cort Fox Ford in August of 1956 and displayed in their showroom. After I purchased the car, I contacted the original owners and they shared their experience of purchasing the car at Cort Fox Ford with me.

Shown below is a portion of the invoice for my 1956 Thunderbird. The car was built by Ford in Dearborn, Michigan and shipped by Rail to the Los Angeles sales district and then delivered to Cort Fox Ford. This 1956 Thunderbird sat in the showroom until September 25, 1956 when Owen and Joy Darcey purchased it.

I have several people to give credit for contributing to this document

The original document I created generated contact from several people. I have these people to give a big heartfelt “Thank You” to. I would like to acknowledge them here.

David Kerr, a former CFF employee. David shared his memories of the dealership and memories of growing up in the neighborhood. He also shared a photo of his original Key Chain. David also provided a lot of behind the scenes information that really helped. David and I share a lot more than a Cort Fox Ford connection and we communicate regularly.

Joe Oliphant, a Fox family member. Joe has shared all of the Fox Tales information, the Ford Times samples with photos of Budge Boyle and Cort Fox as younger men. Joe filled in a lot gaps from my original document for which I am very grateful. Joe also shared license plate frames and license plate insert advertising changes from the 1960’s. Joe also sent me valuable documents that I have in my collection.

Ron Fleischer and Dennis Supanich called my attention to the movie, “The True Story of Lynn Stuart”. This movie captured Cort Fox Ford in the background from Stan’s Drive In. Also a scene filmed on the Used Car lot of Cort Fox. In the movie this was known as “Doc’s” Used Cars. This is a great find and I appreciate Ron and Dennis making me aware of this movie. Dennis Supanich also pointed out the Cort Fox Ford sighting in the movie "13 West Street".

Owen and Joy Darcey the original owners of my Thunderbird. I appreciate them sharing their Cort Fox Ford experience. I also appreciate Owen giving me an original key with the Ford Crest from the dealership. Owen and Joy owned my Thunderbird from 1956 to 1969.

The photo on the left is the original owner of my Thunderbird Joy Darcey in 2003. The photo on the right is original owner Owen Darcey on the left and myself in 1997.

Cort Fox Ford T-Shirts and Stationary?
When I am driving or displaying my Thunderbird I wanted to pay tribute to the dealership. I had the idea of creating a T-Shirt displaying the Cort Fox Ford logo. I also created the art work with the license plate frames in both styles along with stationary. I created these T-Shirts and Sweat Shirts shown below for personal use. When I wear this clothing, I am asked about Cort Fox Ford. Only a car person might understand my desire to wear this clothing. I am happy and proud my Thunderbird came from this famous dealership.

If you have any information that you would like to share please do not hesitate to contact me. I am still searching for photos of the main dealership building during the Cort Fox Ford years. Any information that you have would be appreciated.

As I get more information I will update this document.